Customised Clothing

We are more than happy to help out YFC Clubs, Uni Associations, Polo Clubs and anyone else who may require customised clothing. From simply applying your logo, or right the way through to creating bespoke products, we are able to help you with whatever requirements you may have. We provide the whole service from design through to delivery. Please get in touch via our form below or send an email to us and you can discuss your requirements with a member of our team who will be more than happy to assist with any questions you have.


Want to know more about the services we can offer?

Initial Quote and Sketch

Once you have contacted us, we will gather all the details and specific information to help us provide you with the most competitive quote we can. This will include your designs, quantity required and when you would like to receive the garments.


Once we have created a quote we will send it to you along with a digital sketch; don't worry if the sketch doesn't look the same as it did when you imagined it, we can change this as we progress. If you decide we are right for your project and you want to move forward, we will then need approval of the drawings. This is when we can change and adjust the fine details to really make your ideas come to life.

Manufacturing of the Garments 

After receiving your approval, we will instruct our team to start work on bringing your ideas to life. You may require a sample if the project is complicated and we can do this via photography of the actual garment or we can send a sample direct to your address.


Once we have received the garments from our local  embroidery firms or from one of our trusted manufacturers located in China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Portugal. We will then inspect the garments and send them out to you via DPD's secure next day delivery. 

We only send emails out for things that are actually usefull!